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The client experience according to Patrick Gagné

posted on November 2, 2016

patrick-gagne-1.jpgIn the run-up to the convention, our roster of guest speakers will be providing sneak previews of their presentations. This week Patrick Gagné, Partner and Chief of Product at TAXELCO, will be discussing the client experience.

Why is the client experience such an important issue today?

The client experience (or user experience/UX) is a fundamental part of product development. Our UX approach was built into in the Téo development process early on. We took the needs of three types of key stakeholders into consideration to make a viable product: drivers, taxi licence owners and clients/passengers (individual/corporate). Drawing on this empathy-based approach, we put together a list of the needs and issues facing each of these stakeholder groups. This served as the starting point for the construction of our business model and the Téo product!

What will be the main points in your presentation at the RCCAQ's convention?

Téo Taxi was created in November 2015 with one ambition in mind: to become a viable alternative to Uber. Since we started out in 2014 and until today, our team has put the user experience at the very centre of its discussions. I'll be retracing Téo Taxi's origins and will explain how the UX concept allowed us to innovate and put together a sustainable business model. I'll be touching on projects that have embraced innovation on three levels:

  • Socially, by hiring drivers as employees and offering them a guaranteed wage (an unprecedented step in the taxi industry) and by operating a fleet of 100% electric vehicles.
  • Within the taxi industry, by transforming the business model from top to bottom.
  • In terms of innovation, by embracing integrated technology, ranging from connected objects in the vehicles to the mobile app, we've transformed the taxi experience for passengers.

For more information on Patrick Gagné's vision and his company's success, don't miss his presentation at the RCCAQ's convention.

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