2014 Convention: Brokers: let's reinvent ourselves!

 Congrès 2014_Bannière


 Here is a short video summarizing comments compiled at the RCCAQ's recent convention.


Brokers: reinventing ourselves

At a time when brokers are facing daunting challenges within the insurance industry, the RCCAQ is mobilizing its members to ensure the ongoing viability of our profession.

The RCCAQ's annual convention is a must-attend event for the entire brokerage industry. It's also a unique opportunity to discuss issues affecting our profession as we innovate and renew our practices.

In addressing the theme "Brokers: let's reinvent ourselves!", we've put together a winning combination of training activities, seminars and discussion groups. Participants will have a chance to generate new ideas and to open up new and exciting possibilities for the future.

We believe that it is time to work together to come up with the best practices aimed at positioning ourselves and regaining our market share. Instead of starting over from scratch, we will build on our strengths and our expertise as we push ourselves to our limits!


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