RCCAQ - Our partners: Vigilis and Humania

Our partners: Vigilis and Humania

In our view, the most attractive group insurance coverage is offered by Humania, via Vigilis. Drawing on these partners, we have set up a multi-employer plan. In addition to being more cost-effective for brokerage firms, this formula shares the risks among all program participants. Vigilis and Humania offer the best of both worlds thanks to their group insurance program.

A message from Vigilis

The Vigilis Partner Network is your Group Insurance and Retirement Savings distribution network, servicing the needs of your commercial clients.

By ensuring a complete business insurance offering, our mission is accelerate your business development by minimizing competition.

We offer:

- A structured referral service
- Recurrent commission sharing
- Access to a new clientele basin for the marketing of your product offering.

Your business clientele is your gold mine. 

Do you have a development strategy to maximize its value? Let's talk about it!