Online sales

o Insurance products are complex. Dramatic consequences may arise due to inadequate coverage, leading to high risks when protecting consumers' financial assets.
o It is essential that a certified representative be involved in each and every online transaction.

Distribution without certified représentatives

o Auto dealerships charge higher premiums.
o Insurance products end up being sold by non-certified representatives.
o Auto dealerships charge higher commissions but do not always disclose them.
o There is no insurance termination clause in a standard auto sales contract. The RCCAQ is of the opinion that such a clause should be added.

Condominium insurance

o Last week, Quebec's minister for consumer protection and housing, Lise Thériault, stated that this issue was a top priority for her.
o The RCCAQ supported the Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC) during the consultation in August 2017.
o The RCCAQ called for brokers to be given the flexibility they need so they can properly advise clients and offer them tailor-made coverage if necessary.