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RCCAQ insurance

For over 25 years, the RCCAQ has provided a full line of insurance-related products tailored to brokers' day-to-day realities.

Through RCCAQ Insurance,* we negotiate highly competitive agreements with business partners whose products are among the best on the market. We thus offer a "one-stop shop" for all your insurance needs.

When you purchase products from RCCAQ Insurance, you are investing in efforts to defend your own interests. That means you are doubly protected with RCCAQ Insurance.

*Also known by its corporate name Courmark Inc.


As of May 1, 2023, RCCAQ Insurance has implemented a new professional fee policy for clients who are NOT members of the RCCAQ, in order to cover its administration costs and justify access to its insurance programs. 

It goes without saying that RCCAQ members will continue to benefit from RCCAQ insurance services without paying fees, their annual dues including this type of service.

Custom-tailored products for your firm

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