Career & Training

The insurance field gets more complex with each passing day. In order to provide their clients with sound advice, brokerage firms must ensure that brokers are trained properly and up to date on all recent changes and trends. In short, brokers need certain tools to comply with their professional code of ethics while meeting their annual continuing education requirements.

Since the reputation of brokerage firms and the brokerage industry is at stake, the RCCAQ, via RCCAQ Training, offers its members a variety of training activities in various formats in order to meet the needs of firms both large and small. We also offer consulting services with handpicked experts in various areas.

The RCCAQ is a key stakeholder in the area of broker training. In 2015, we:
  • Administered nearly 150,000 training hours
  • Trained nearly 1,250 brokers
  • Conducted 100 training sessions