Dear Brokers:

As you know, we work 24/7 to defend brokers' interests in numerous areas. Today, a number of crucial issues require our undivided attention.

Bill 188, which is slated for introduction in the near future, could end up changing your business practices. Working together, we must remain vigilant as we develop tools to deal with this new legislative context.

Meanwhile, the Bank Act will be revised in 2019. We will have to fight to retain the limitations designed to protect consumers from being pressured to buy insurance products while they are banking. If these limitations are eliminated, what will happen to brokerage firms? The major banks are powerful, so we cannot fight this fight alone.

The above issues are of the utmost importance to you. As a result, the task we face is huge.
As we grapple with these issues, don't let the future pass you by. Get involved today!
Your future is at stake.  Please become an RCCAQ member today!

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