RCCAQ - Our organization and its mission

Our organization and its mission

The RCCAQ: the sole voice representing insurance brokers

The RCCAQ is a professional syndicate whose mission is to promote and defend the socio-economic interests of its members and to support them in their development.

Defending your interests—and much more!

Our priority is to promote and defend the interests of brokerage firms and insurance brokers by giving them a voice in public affairs and in dealings with regulatory organizations and lawmakers. Our actions are aimed at ensuring that legislative and regulatory frameworks do not put our industry at a disadvantage and instead foster healthy competition between all actors in the insurance distribution chain.

Although our role in defending the interests of the brokerage insurance industry is our core activity, our work does not stop there. We also provide a range of custom-tailored training activities for insurance brokers, in addition to a comprehensive range of insurance-related products for brokerage firms.