Please note that the telephone extensions of the staff members have changed: please consult this page carefully! 





Éric Manseau
Executive Director
(ext 112)

Permanence_2023/Chantal.jpg Permanence_2023/Yves.jpg
Chantal Lussier
Executive Director Assistant and
Human Resources Coordinator
Email :
Yves Gueu
Accounting Technician
(ext 102)
Email : 
Permanence_2023/Marie_Pier.jpg  Permanence_2023/Houda.jpg
 Marie-Pier Proulx-Lauzon
Marketing and Technology Projects Strategist
(ext 107)
 Houda Benhayoun
Member Experience and Training Coordinator
(ext 103)
 Permanence_2023/Doryce.jpg  Permanence_2023/Catherine.jpg
Doryce Djerari
Event & Partnership Manager
(ext 108) 
Catherine Laroche
Communications Advisor
(ext 109) 


Permanence_2023/Richard.jpg Permanence_2023/Kelly.jpg
Richard Giroux, C.d'A.A
Damage Insurance Broker
Director, RCCAQ insurance
(ext 104)
Kelly Clermont
Damage Insurance Broker
Assistant Director, RCCAQ insurance
(ext 105)