Eric Manseau Staff_2019/PH01-2019-000349-Chantal-1.jpg  

Éric Manseau 
Executive Director (ext 282)
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Chantal Lussier
Administrative assistant and human resources coordination (ext 243)


Typhaine Letertre   Staff_2019/photo_corpo_christelle.jpg 
 Typhaine Letertre
Director, Communications and Public Affairs (ext 229)

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 Nycolina Melano
Event Coordinator (ext 269)

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  Christelle Prince 
Advisor, Communications and Partnerships (ext 248)

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Bertrand Rouault Staff_2019/Marie-P  
 Bertrand Rouault
Business development director (ext 244)

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 Marie-Pier Proulx-Lauzon
Marketing and Member Experience Advisor (ext 226)

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Richard Giroux Nadia Karam  
 Richard Giroux, C.d’A.A

Damage insurance broker, Director (ext 235)

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 Nadia Karam

Damage insurance broker (ext 224)

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