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Richard Giroux, Chartered Insurance Broker (C.I.B.)

Manager, RCCAQ Insurance

Richard Giroux joined the RCCAQ in 2006 and oversees RCCAQ Insurance's activities. With over 35 years of experience in the brokerage insurance industry, he previously served as vice-president and co-owner of Soly Chabot Ranger Ltd. for nearly 25 years.

In his work with the RCCAQ, Richard draws on his extensive insurance and regulatory knowledge. An experienced communicator, he also runs corporate training programs.

Building on his excellent professional reputation, Richard is a key point of reference for his industry peers.

To reach Richard:

450 674-6258, ext. 235
1 800 516-6258




Nadia Karam

Insurance broker

RCCAQ Insurance

Nadia Karam holds a master's degree in business administration from the University of Toulouse. After working as an administrator, Nadia decided to specialize in insurance. Today, she is a certified insurance representative.

Helping to defend the interests of insurance brokers is one of Nadia's passions and gives meaning to her day-to-day work.

To reach Nadia:

450 674-6258, ext. 224
1 800 516-6258