Membership has its advantages

I want to become an RCCAQ member!

When you become an RCCAQ member:

  • You become part of a recognized network that represents 68% of brokerage firms in Quebec, including nearly 4,200 insurance brokers.
  • You benefit from the RCCAQ's major political influence, strong and distinctive brand image and industry-wide recognition.
  • You receive tools designed to help you hone your skills and boost your performance.

Defending your interests in in our best interest!

The RCCAQ seeks to:

  • Represent you in dealings with various levels of government, official bodies and major industry stakeholders.
  • Provide, via our website, everything you need to manage your firm: information capsules, a handbook for integrating new employees, a human resources management guide, a broker/client contract with commentary, advertising templates and much much more!
  • Offer high-quality training activities online as well as in the workplace.

And there's more!

  • The online directory of specialized markets lists firms with expertise in highly specific areas. Whether you're a "wholesaler" firm or more specialized, the RCCAQ offers a showcase in which you can shine. And it's free of charge!
  • When you mention that you're an RCCAQ member, Fairmont hotels in Montreal, Quebec City, Charlevoix, Toronto and Ottawa will charge you the discounted group rate for all reservations under an agreement negotiated with the RCCAQ.

RCCAQ assurance protects you doubly.

RCCAQ assurance offers a "one-stop shop" for all your insurance needs and tailored to brokers' day-to-day realities. Our team negotiates highly competitive agreements with business partners whose products are among the best on the market. You thus have access to a full line of insurance-related products for your firm.

With RCCAQ assurance, you are doubly protected.