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The RCCAQ is expanding its offer of assistance by partnering with FAGA Solutions : in line with its strategic priority of providing members with solutions and tools aimed at fostering the development of their business and management approach. This two-part agreement will allow brokerage firms to access FAGA’s help during the process of selling, acquiring or taking over a business. Firms also stand to reap the benefits of FAGA’s unique turnkey approach. Your compliance process will be simplified, compatible, automated, efficient and affordable, designed to evolve in line with changes to the regulatory framework.



FAGA SOLUTIONS offers turnkey assistance, which means that you can build, upgrade and maintain a compliance process that is personalized, simple, evolving, automated and affordable.

FAGA develops personalized tools and custom-tailored solutions to meet the specific needs of insurance firms. The company’s web-based audit platform, QFormIT, selected as one of RCCAQ Innovation’s certified partners, is a prime example of its commitment to simplifying oversight and audit obligations. (Please refer to the article published in Journal de l’assurance : Une plateforme vise à simplifier la vie des courtiers.)


  • Compliance assistance : Upgrading to meet new standards, maintaining existing structures and optimizing compliance for brokerage firms: FAGA enhances, corrects, personalizes and takes charge of the compliance process by providing all required documents and ensuring sound governance practices aligned with the existing regulatory framework.
    • FAGA creates a referenced and personalized compliance process as faithfully as if your own firm had created it. This unified structure is designed to evolve over time in line with legal changes.
  • QFormIT : This web-based audit and oversight platform, subsidized by RCCAQ Innovation and delivered turnkey, is simple and highly affordable for firms of all sizes.
  • External oversight/audit : A simple and very affordable oversight plan is delivered turnkey and can be operated on its own. FAGA and its team of certified auditors also provide external audit support services.
  • Inspection – reports – compliance recovery: FAGA intervenes in cases of inspection notices/reports and whenever recovery undertakings must be submitted to the Tribunal des marchés financiers (TMF).
  • Valuation and advisory services: Brokerage firm valuations and strategic advisory.
  • Services upon request: Personalized solutions designed to meet specific needs.


Specializing in the sale and acquisition of insurance firms, FAGA facilitates transactions by finding solutions tailored to each client. The company’s expertise serves to carry out transactions that meet the expectations of all parties involved.


FAGA SOLUTIONS and the RCCAQ offer various financial benefits to incentivize your compliance approach:

  • 10% discount: Assistance with upgrades to meet new compliance standards.
  • 15% discount: QFormIT web-based audit platform: user’s licence (monthly discount).
  • 80% discount: RCCAQ Innovation/ITN grant*, start-up training on the QFormIT web-based audit platform.

Go to the website or contact their team by email to tap into their expertise and achieve your compliance and growth objectives.

*The availability dates and accessibility conditions for RCCAQ Innovation grant are subject to change.

**External links are only available in French.