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Not only does subscribing insurance coverage for your firm offer interesting tax advantages, it also allows you to stay the course on your business objectives and protect your financial security and that of your loved ones, in the event you, a partner or a key employee becomes seriously ill or dies.

Our partner : Vigilis

Expert advisors and skilful communicators, Vigilis’ multidisciplinary team of specialists remains the benchmark in insurance and financial services for professionals and business people across the province.

A long-standing RCCAQ partner, Vigilis provides you with the most advantageous business insurance solution available:

  • A wide range of personal and business insurance products
  • Privileged access to all insurers active in the marketplace
  • A 360 view of your financial security needs 

Why partnership insurance?

Designed to ensure business continuity, partnership insurance allows shareholders to resolve various financial problems related to the death or disability of a partner such as the payment of the company's debts and the purchase or buyout of a partner's shares.

Why key person insurance?

If the success of your business rests on a key person, it is important to assess the financial impact that their inability to work in the event of disability or death would represent.

Key person insurance would allow you to protect the financial security of your business with benefits allowing you, among other things, to hire and train a replacement.

Why business overhead insurance?

Have you ever thought about who would pay expenses such as rent, employee wages and utility bills if you were unable to work due to disability or illness?

Deductible as business expenses, overhead insurance is designed to cover your ongoing business expenses, allowing you to focus on your recovery.

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To obtain an analysis of your business insurance needs, contact:

Richard Desormeau from the Vigilis Group

450 682-7772, or toll free: 1 888 682-7772