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RCCAQ Innovation is a skills hub specializing in cutting-edge technologies for the insurance brokerage sector.


Our mission is both clear and ambitious: we seek to encourage the adoption of information technologies throughout Quebec’s brokerage firm ecosystem. As a member of RCCAQ Innovation, you’ll have access to a skills hub backed by a dynamic team of specialized professionals able to guide you as you explore and adopt technologies designed to advance and enhance the insurance brokerage sector.


  • Digital transformation initiative

The digital transformation initiative (DTI) was developed to assist brokerage firms with their digital transition. Spearheaded by RCCAQ Innovation, the DTI is a four-part program delivered by a team of consultants.

A grant covering up to 80% of eligible expenses is available, depending on your firm’s size.

  • Demano

First and foremost, Demano is a brand designed to promote damage insurance brokers through outreach to online users. The Demano solution stems from discussions involving the RCCAQ’s Technology Committee. This is the first project carried out by RCCAQ Innovation since the DTI grant was awarded. RCCAQ Innovation has strategically positioned and prioritized the demano.ca website not only to enhance the user experience, but also to reap the benefits of technological advances validated by users of this new platform. The tools and expertise developed during the creation of demano.ca have helped to broaden the DTI’s extended service offer via an orchestrated technology transfer process.

Brand new website (available in French only)!

RCCAQ Innovation is proud to present its brand new website, which was launched back in November 2023 in conjunction with the RCCAQ’s 50th annual convention. This platform offers a technology watch service, living laboratories and a wealth of information about technology and your brokerage’s digital transformation. 



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