RCCAQ - FAQ - membership



Is it complicated to renew my membership?

  • No, joining the RCCAQ is simple: have your user name (i.e. your email address) and your password handy and click here.

I can’t log in to the members-only area (Espace membre) to update the information for my firm or I’ve lost my log-in information. What should I do?

  • Please email Houda Benhayoun, Coordinator, Member Experience and Training, at membres@rccaq.com. She will reset your access.

Can I update my firm’s information by myself?

Yes! If you own or manage a brokerage firm, you are strongly encouraged to update your own information. You can:

  • Modify the information for your firm or branch offices (as applicable).
  • Add/delete branch offices.
  • Add/delete employees from your list.

I don’t have enough time to renew my firm’s membership and I have even less time for updating information. Can someone else do it on my behalf?

  • Yes! You can appoint someone from within your firm to perform those tasks. Acting on your behalf, they can pay your dues in the members-only area (Espace membre) and/or update the information for your firm. Please email Houda Benhayoun, Coordinator, Member Experience and Training, at membres@rccaq.com to appoint someone.

How are my membership dues calculated?

  • Your dues are calculated based on the number of certified employees registered with the Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF) as at March 1st of each year and based on the annual dues schedule. For your firm, this information is specified in your dues notice.

How long is my membership valid for?

  • RCCAQ membership is valid for one year (July 1st-June 30th). Your membership must be renewed each year.

What payment methods are accepted when paying my annual dues?

  • We accept payments by bank transfer. A payment confirmation must be emailed to membres@rccaq.com to validate the transaction. You can also pay by credit card via the members-only area (Espace membre).

PLEASE NOTE: We no longer accept payments by cheque!

The number of certified employees indicated on my dues notice does not match the number of certified employees at my firm. What should I do?

  • The RCCAQ bases its calculations on the data provided by the AMF as at March 1st of each year. Changes in the total number of certified employees may occur between that date and the mailing of your dues notice in mid-May. Before you make your payment, you should email Houda Benhayoun, Coordinator, Member Experience and Training at membres@rccaq.com to request a modification. The correct number will be verified and you will then be able to make your payment.

Over the past year, various certified employees have left my firm. As a result, the total number of certified employees has changed. Can I get a refund for the individuals who no longer work for me?

  • Unfortunately, refunds are not possible. Similarly, if any certified employees joined your firm during the year, there would be no increase in your annual dues. Please note that no refunds will be granted if your firm voluntarily leaves the RCCAQ or if there is a merger or sale involving your firm.

If I am an RCCAQ Insurance client, do I automatically become an RCCAQ member?

  • No. The only way to become an RCCAQ member is to pay the annual dues.
  • One of your benefits as an RCCAQ member is that you are not required to pay a fee to access RCCAQ Insurance’s line of products.

My firm is brand new. If I join the RCCAQ, will my annual dues amount be reduced?

  • Even better: during the first year following the creation of your firm, your RCCAQ membership will be completely free of charge!

I forgot to renew my membership on July 1st! Will my dues be prorated based on the effective date of my membership?

  • No. Your membership dues are the same at any point during the year.