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As a professional association, the RCCAQ seeks to promote and defend the interests of insurance brokers in all regions of Quebec. It also supports their professional development.

After a period of uncertainty and adjustments in line with the pandemic, it is now time for us to roll up our sleeves and make a fresh start. Working together, we can take the broker profession to new heights, deal with technological change, reposition the brokerage sector within the insurance industry and reaffirm brokers’ rightful place and the key role.

Joining the RCCAQ today means benefiting from a range of practical support and useful tools so you can move forward in your professional practice and deal with constant change.

Defending your interests

The RCCAQ has taken the following steps:

  • Putting in place a compliance guidance program to facilitate your efforts within the new regulatory framework for the brokerage sector
  • Lobbying lawmakers and industry bodies on issues such as:
    • Bill 141
    • Bill 96
    • Insurance distribution without certified representatives
    • Commercial insurance

Enhancing your professional practices

The RCCAQ continually strives to promote the profession through a range of initiatives:

  • Developing the Broker 101-102 training activities to prepare prospective brokers for the AMF exams
  • Refining our professional development offer and positioning ourselves within the industry
  • Forging partnerships with insurance industry actors
  • Supporting the Coalition’s work/study program
  • Taking regular part in career days at CEGEPs and related events
  • Promoting hiring initiatives such as Un emploi en sol québécois and Objectif Québec


Providing assistance

The RCCAQ provides ongoing support during the industry’s digital transition:

  • Developing high-tech initiatives
  • Implementing transformative tools and projects via a technology committee that is representative of our members
  • Supporting all brokerage firms through the support of Quebec’s Ministry of the Economy and Innovation (MEI) following the awarding of a $3.7 million grant under the auspices of the Digital Transformation Offensive (OTN)


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