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Liaison magazine is carefully designed to address topical concerns. Its reliable content focuses on topics such as marketing, management, technology and legal issues. Thanks to its high-quality content, Liaison magazine has quickly become essential reading for the insurance industry.

Liaison magazine is published quarterly; each issue forges a link between YOU, the RCCAQ and its partners by sharing news about current events and RCCAQ's and Courmark's activities.

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Each week, the RCCAQ offers its members an electronic newsletter known as The Informer. Recipients of this weekly newsletter get all the latest news on the RCCAQ's activities. It's another great way to stay connected! Contact us at  to subscribe to the newsletter.


The RCCAQ is the only organization that represents insurance brokers in Quebec. As a result, it is frequently solicited by the media and has an ever-greater role on the political stage. You can access all mentions of the RCCAQ in the media, along with the RCCAQ's policy statements by visiting our pressroom.

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