Giving our members a voice and regaining market share.

The RCCAQ's representation efforts seek to defend the interests of our member brokers in dealings with governments and official bodies, including the Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF) and the Chamber of Damage Insurance (CHAD), as well as with major industry stakeholders, primarily insurance companies.

Main issues associated with the RCCAQ's representation efforts

  • Denouncing the illegal business practices of certain automobile dealers.
  • Taking a stand on telematics and lobbying for the creation of a legal framework.

Our initiatives

  • Undertaking wide-ranging representation efforts and denouncing the risks faced by consumers in connection with products distributed without insurance representatives.
  • Negotiating with the provincial government with a view to adopting long-term solutions to the issue of tax harmonization.

Concrete results

In July 2013:

  • In connection with tax harmonization, we successfully lobbied the provincial government to institute two new tax credits representing a financial gain of $20 million for the brokerage network.

In May 2014:

  • Following multiple RCCAQ initiatives, the AMF publicly stated its intention to enforce regulations governing replacement insurance, marking a major step forward in efforts to denounce the illegal business practices of certain automobile dealers and to protect consumers.