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As a professional association, the RCCAQ seeks to promote and defend the interests of damage insurance brokers throughout Quebec and to support them in their development. 

The RCCAQ has four main areas of focus. Here are a few examples of the initiatives we undertook over the past year in order to represent, train, support and insure you




  • Shortage of qualified workers
    • The RCCAQ focuses on labour issues in its government lobbying activities.
    • The RCCAQ continues to reach out to new candidates with a view to promoting the profession. 
  • Digital transition
    • The RCCAQ assists and supports its member firms by developing high-tech initiatives designed to facilitate their growth. 
    • The Technology Committee works to prioritize and implement innovative projects for the brokerage sector. 
  • Commercial insurance
    • The RCCAQ holds discussions with insurers and acts as a facilitator with wholesalers to ensure that brokers can do business with them in full legal and regulatory compliance.
  • Business transfers
    • The RCCAQ supports IBAC's efforts to speed the adoption of Bill C-208 by the federal government.
  • Insurance RCCAQ supports IBAC's efforts to speed the adoption of Bill C-208 by the federal government
    • The RCCAQ continues to publicize the negative consequences for consumers stemming from sales of replacement insurance by auto dealerships (non-certified) and from the maintenance of an inconsistent policy framework that has an adverse impact on consumers.




  • Modernizing and positioning RCCAQ Training: 
    • Revamping the Broker 101 program and regularly updating the training modules.
    • Developing activities focused on broker's professional operations.
  • Developing partnerships to offer cutting-edge content: 
    • Cybersecurity training, in partnership with ChAD. 
    • HR training 




  •  Implementing a wide range of relevant initiatives:
    • Workforce/hiring
      • Partnering with the Quebec jobs program (UEESQ, supported by the provincial ministry of labour, employment and social solidarity) during virtual regional tours.
      • Taking part in CEGEP career days.
      • Promoting wage subsidy opportunities available at local employment centres (CLE).
      • Supporting the work-study program coalition (pilot project phase).
      • Promoting the profession and the chatbot at student events (via the coalition's institutional committee).
      • Working closely with Objectif Quebec.
    • Digital transition
      • RCCAQ's technology committee.
      • Meetings with Quebec's economy and innovation ministry (MEIQ).
      • Rolling out the chatbot with participating firms. 
    • Professional practice
      • Members-only space on our website.
      • Access to the broker-client contract.
      • Webinars.
      • Networking activities.
      • Documentation to help you with your day-to-day operations.




  • Over the past three years:
    • RCCAQ Insurance now provides coverage for 80% of firms with annual revenues of over $20 million.
  • Based on a client survey, the RCCAQ Insurance team is particularty recommended for its:
    • Excellent services.
    • Professional advice.
    • Swift services.
    • High-quality program partnets. 






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