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Annual convention: the importance of the client experience

posted on October 25, 2016


In the run-up to the RCCAQ's convention, the guest speakers will be providing a weekly foretaste of their presentations—the perfect way to encourage you to sign up in advance! Convention participants will have access to a range of exclusive content that is sure to boost their bottom line!

jasmin_bergeron.jpg"When it comes to differentiating your organization from the competition, the client experience is the key element. In a world in which products look the same and prices are basically similar, the human touch is the only thing that really sets us apart. Every client is unique, and this poses a challenge when attempting to forge high-quality relationships. "The Wow Effect" was designed with those concerns in mind. The goal is to hone your relationship skills and boost the satisfaction and loyalty of the people who are important to you!" - Jasmin Bergeron, MBA, PhD



Be sure to sign up today!

When: November 23, 1:30-3:00 pm
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