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Client experience: six tricks to impress your clients

posted on August 2, 2018

The client experience is an essential part of your marketing strategy. But what does client experience mean exactly? It is the sum total of emotions and feelings experienced by a client before, during and after purchasing a product or service. It's the result of all interactions that a client may have with a brand or a company.[1] Here are six tricks to help you forge better relationships with your clients.

1. Listen to what clients are asking for

People who feel listened to and cared for will become your loyal clients. Take the time to call them to follow up on services they have received, send them satisfaction surveys and find solutions to their challenges with them and for them.

2. Know who your clients are

To properly adapt your strategies, you must know whom they are geared towards. Do your clients like face-to-face meetings or do they prefer talking on the phone? In all cases, you should try to set yourself apart by personalizing your approach.

3. Create an emotional connection with them

As human beings, we associate events, brands or products with the emotions we feel. The more you foster good relationships with your clients, the more they will remember your company.

4. Train your employees to ask the right questions

Your employees are a reflection of your company. They are the "front line" for your clients. They are your spokespeople and brand ambassadors. Your employees are not only there to answer clients' questions, but also to ensure their well-being. If your employees know when to ask questions (and which ones to ask), your clients will feel catered to and will stay loyal.

5. Be human

Set yourself apart when claims arise. Show empathy, follow up and make your clients understand everything that you're doing to support them during the process. Take every opportunity to show that your clients are being taken care of.

6. Stay technologically up to date

Clients want more and more and they want it faster and faster! Offer them the experience of an interactive website, share your communications on social networks, seek out training on the best tools and follow the CSIO's advice.