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New IBAC advertising campaign

posted on August 30, 2018

Beginning this fall, ads promoting insurance brokers will be broadcast on TV (as well as online) as part of a new IBAC advertising campaign aimed at encouraging consumers to use brokers' services when purchasing insurance products.

The importance of good advice

IBAC will highlight the fact that brokers are in the best position to advise consumers. Designed to boost brokers' profile, the campaign will emphasize the importance of taking time to seek out a broker's advice and to protect one's financial well-being.

Is your profile up to date?

The ultimate goal of IBAC's advertising campaign is to encourage consumers to use the services of a broker. Take advantage of this new referral opportunity by ensuring that your member profile is up to date! The information in your member file is that same as that found on the Find a broker page. The only person who can modify the profile information is you (i.e. using your access code and secure password). If you don't have an access code or password, please contact us without delay!